Do I do? Single parent with man?

2021-08-29 02:05:37 JANIE

Hello your dears ...

Where should I start ... my husband and I have 3 children (6,5,3), he works full time that is going out of the house against 8 Only against 18 sometimes also 19 o'clock home .ich Bin Hausfrau, we were moved 3 months ago and since then I've been looking for my children alone, as the 2 younger come in October in kindergarten (all the places were evidenced earlier ) And the size is now enrolled in September.

I have been at home for 6 years, last year I have made a language course but ...

Now I ask myself if me Really practical or the behavior of my husband is normal.

The problem I really do everything alone (children, shopping, dates) he helps me 0, ok understand Ich if he has worked the whole day tired in the evening, there is then if he comes home too, the food is cooked, the food is cooked, the apartment clean, the children have already been supplied. I have already talked to him more often and said I'm so unhappy and that he could help me a bit in household, he just has no understanding he means always you have but good all day with children at home, many women do not have this luxury .luxus? Well ... I can not remember it if I was somewhere alone without children .. If we make a trip, I organize everything myself, I do the kids ready to prepare food, the breakfast table, and What does he expect? Of course hanging on his mobile phone.never said we're going on the weekend or there. And if we do something together on Sundays, he can not miss it together .lets Sunday it rained it, he said there is no handball today, I wanted that we wanted to do that we then my mother Visit (she came back from vacation), he drove us to my mother and said I came in an hour .. I waited him crest simply in 5 hours, something like that is normal with him. I was sooo sour ..

And on weekends? On Saturdays he works, Sunday he has free. And what does he do on Sunday? So every Sunday from about 17:00 to 21-22: 00 He plays handball with his buddy, so every Sunday.jeden Sunday we argue, because I do not find it alright. I mean when you work so muchn Do you have to spend any Sunday with buddies ???? He said that's just in summer, later playing, it's not like that for 3 years ... and later when winter comes, he has no desire again Family what to do because then is too cold outside ...

A holiday as a family we had from 3 years, and he? He made a holiday all this year, so the family visited in homeland (3 weeks).

Well, I'm really sad and wonder if I'm really practicing. I want to work again as soon as the children are working again Maybe I'll feel better then.


Only my first assessment:

  • I think he has all right of the world to see his friends once a week for 4 hours. That you do not give him the little quality of life, I do not find fairly. He supplies 5 people financially, that should be calculated high as well. (and works 6 days a week!)
  • However, in return, you should not beg and ask, but say, for example, Thursday evening, you're going to be a girlfriend now and just leave him home with the children. Or you do a weekend for you, if he does not want to do anything together. The motto is here: also take myself
  • If I am the sole wage earner, then I would not be honest at homeHr big at the household help. Housewife is also a full-time job, that's aware of me. But that then includes the full program at home, for the person not to work.
  • Try to agree with a "daddy moment", e.g. 3 times a week he brings the kids to bed, so you have a rest moment.
  • In general, you have to settle in peace (!!!) and discuss how it goes on. That you have to tune better on each other, is clear (finally, you have set the three children in the world), but I read only verbal allegations in your text. If you argue so, I can absolutely understand why not trying will improve here or there. You should also clearly formulate what you want:No "It would be nice if you're" but "I want you to do that in the future 2 days a week to relieve me. For this I do XYZ"


You do not exaggerate and you are by far not the only one with this problem!

Unfortunately, there are still extremely many men today, who believe when they bring the money home, did they do their guilty . The woman is at home and enjoys her "leisure" next to the little household and childcare ....

If these men have to ran themselves, because the woman is sick or sometimes have to get away, they are completely overwhelmed and breaking almost together ....

Yes, it's an old hat and nevertheless always updated, as with you.

MeinCouncil: Speech clear text with him !!

It's also his children and his household !! If he is not ready to take at least from and out of the arms or simply contribute to his share of your family life, then the marriage will be made sooner or later the death. So it's just a matter of time, until the bomb is bursting.

If you realize that he is not charged at all, then you know that he does not respects you. I do not want to talk about love. The drops is sucked and you would be better without him. Maybe not necessarily financially, but your everyday life with the children will relax, because you know how to do what you are and do not have to worry anymore.

All the best!


You want both children (I think) he has to take care of himself

Just because he works he can not demand that you do everything to make


Please stop working.

Otherwise, he may might bring the kids to bed.

That with the day off day (Sunday), I can still understand that if he has no shutter what to do with the family is really a pity.

But otherwise everyone has to wear his parcel.

My wife was also of the opinion I should still do the household after work because she was dissatisfied, now she is my ex-wife. And with us there was a holiday together, together childrenMake and weekend businesses. Everyone feels different.


So then I answer again

You think the money comes out of the ground or?

He works, So you can live at all. Think about it.

You are overriding.

Do I do? Single parent with man?