Why did you always talk about rebels in the Syrian opposition in Western media a

2021-08-29 04:02:37 EARNEST

An American intelligence report describes the Syrian opposition as follows:

"The Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [Al-Kaeda in Iraq, later Isis] are the driving forces behind the uprising in Syria ... AQI UN assisted the Syrian opposition from the beginning, both ideological and media work "[Defense Intelligence Agency, August, 14-L-0552 / DIA / 297-293, Levant Report]

Why named Western media al- Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist organizations repeatedly rebels? Because if exactly these groupings in Europe are committed, they are on a terrorist.


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This is a misconception.

Rebels are those who turned to Assad and fighting freedom from the dictatorship. All others only to get power and suppress others and presumes religion. They actively acted with cruel methods. Krteg is cruel, yes. But it's something else if you defend your freedom and therefore fights his opponents, as merely just cementing or expanding or expanding or just suppressed others just to keep them.

And sometimes it comes to expulsion bundles, with the idea and hope to be able to victory against the procedures that want to suppress freedom, but with which one together nowFight. According to the motto: Who is against my enemy, is my friend (overspocked and limited).

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They were highly stylized as heroic freedom fighters, though everyone knew they were legally terrorists, and there was in the course of the Time more and more, because the IS also counts.

https://www.verfassungsschutz.de/de/themen/islamismus-und-islamistErrorism/Pahl-und-fakten/Phen and Facts_node.html


The rebels in Syria have placed against a regime that himself is partly terrorist and calling all his enemies terrorists.

Who calls the Syrian rebels terrorists, thus follows the viewof the Assad regime. It should also be noted that the Syrian rebels have been looking for the open struggle - a clear license plate to distinguish them from real terrorists.

Regardless of this, various terrorist groups have connected to the resistance to Assad or even - in the case of Is - their own soup boiled on it.


The western media I have followed, do not match your picture.

Since you got that the opposition was first peaceful. Most demonstrating masses.

by rebels, in the mentioned organizations, was not the speech. As far as I can remember, not of terrorists. Rather something in the direction of violent resistance.

The source was mostlyThe Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


The opposition in Syria were normal citizens who wanted to have a better life, more work, more security and more freedom. They wanted the terrible torture cellars would be abolished.

As an Assad, she also refused to listen to it and brutal violence tackled and schiessen's demonstrators, the civil war began.

Do you call these people terrorists?

As the army getting brutal the oppositional persecuted, jihadists of different directions seized the opportunity to engage in the actions against Assad. Of course with completely different intensions. That was then perhaps terrorist, but not syaic citizens who desperate diE help of jihadists assumptions. Especially as a 2015 the Russians with the surface bathing began.

I ask you, who is more terrorist? Those who call for more rights which they are entitled to citizens or leaves a government who shoot their citizens?

Why did you always talk about rebels in the Syrian opposition in Western media and not terrorists?