How does it come to buddy?

2021-08-29 06:00:46 MURIEL

How is I want to do that, but not like


I wanted to try that too and so I did it:

I just asked him, in the beginning he said no after 1-2 weeks he is too come to me and said he wants to do it now. It's so uncomfortable and just embarrassing XD, so I would not do it anymore, but you can just try it just like me.


You can appeal to someone where you can appeal The feeling that he would join in. Have no experience in the point itself. But if you want that, you have to contact with others, otherwise nothing will be.


I think if you have caught too much alcohol and want to trade with the others because you want to prove yourself who the lä.... has and who can furthest ..... can


talk to a buddy about your limbs, size, etc. and about the puberty of you.

Then you know how he is on it, then you can also ask if you can see his time.

It takes its course


I was with me then so that I had an erection in a outdoor pool with a buddy

Then my buddy if he can help me, that was meant later, lately we are then in a changeover room.

Ask yourself first if you have buddy who would come into question

How does it come to buddy?