Small boobs?

2021-08-29 07:01:12 TERRANCE

Bin 14 and have (70a) feel unfamilial my question is now when I'm bsp. Something stressed (have a good figure) wearing if men / guys still stand on it?


Reading this is a bit sad. To see which picture the company conveys young girls. Small breasts are really the last thing that would make you less attractive. I know, it sounds totally grown and pedgogious, but the character is and remains the most important thing, let you say that of a (older) youth. Of course, the role of appearance that is at least one subconscious can not be denied. But she is not a big one. In addition, face and body language play a (mmn) much greater role in the smaller role of appearance.

On another level, your body is of course exposed to far-reaching changes at the age of 14, in all things.


Hey, I (w / 15) have very big boobs (D-basket) and I can tell you, I'd rather have 70a, as such thick things. Big boobs just restrain yourself, it's hard to find good bras and you get back pain faster. Be glad about your happiness :)

In case of doubt, your breasts are still 6 years :))


is not bad in my opinion. For a small breast actually has more advantages and I'm not M., for example, not on certain sizes but just on breasts. Appearance, size, color is all right


The problem is not whether the guys like that, or not.

but your own malaise. If you do not like yourself, that will automatically be so from the outsideENT unconsciously recorded, and you get negative feedback. A vicious circle.

Of course, there are just as many guys / men like the small breasts, as great.


Accept yourself as you are, enjoy the benefits Your "only for you" small breasts and pongs All guys will be great.


Am also 14 and even believe the same size. But I think that you should not worry about the boys, especially with 14. In addition, your body is still changing, I mean, we are in puberty, because everything can change.

Small boobs?