Why can not I say what I think?

2021-08-29 07:04:00 PRESTON

Hello, I can not explain why, but in such some situations I can not tell what I think, do not speak it and say it instead, that everything is fine, what definitely is not the case, what you then then but also noticed, as I usually say, as good as nothing more, but rather almost completely quiet and from time to time, if something is said then I will give negative or toxic stuff from me (so I do not mean insults if you think XD)
Why is that? I can not explain it why I always reserve it for me instead of saying it.


Hi, this problem really does not sound so great ...

I myself am the absolute opposite: I usually do not cover my opinion and / or agree a different opinion although I am a different opinion ... that will be constantly fatal to me ...

Well. Probably try it. Be politely and neutral, but quietly represent your opinion and stand on - clinks heavy, but did you once manage it once you will definitely! I hope I could help ....



I can completely understand. It used to be with me that I did that to go out of the way, but at some point it was too much. Since I was quite irritated and also have thingsSays I did not really mean instead of just telling what you think. I never wanted to annoy anyone with mrine thoughts or to be convicted of it. But at some point I've always tried that to say what I really think. While this was not that easy sometimes, but it was also good to explain his own Anische

Why can not I say what I think?