Girlfriend asks if she can meet with male friends?

2021-08-29 09:02:10 FRANKLIN

I think it's pretty nice that she even asks, because many have a problem. Of course, I said yes, because I do not want to ban her. But I'll worry now. Before that, I would never have come to it, but now after asking ...

The question is mainly about how I get along. It is absolutely not wrong if the girlfriend meets with other guys friendly. But with me there are other thoughts. What can I do against it?
I'm afraid she fell in love with one of her friends at some point.


Then that's just like that.

But I'll be cheesy now, if you are pot and lid, nobody has a chance. And if you are not the right lid and you love, you should treat her luck. Then she was never the right pot for you, then it waits elsewhere.

But that's how somebody is usually the lid.

Real love is rare and precious, and it's a lot, very much There is not a lot of relationship work behind it.

However, if someone is rubbing or flirting in the game, that is not tolerate.


You have to do that accept. I think it's nice that you allow it to her and respects it, but if she should fall in love, then it's like that. Feelings can KEForce. You can only hope you would tell you and find a solution together.


honest? That knows your friends probably already much longer than you ... if so then no "romance" has aroused, why should that be different now?

In the end, you can not do anything - if it happens , it happens.

Instead of sitting at home and switching your thought carousel to Turbo, you should distract yourself. Meet myself friends / girlfriends, have fun, chill times and if you regain your girlfriend at the end of the day, you can tell each other, what a nice evening you had.


the Danger is always there, but better thinking less than too many. The FResponse is not going, so does not go much.


First, why would she ask you for permission if she could lie she has not because nothing will happen

Girlfriend asks if she can meet with male friends?