Why should I live?

2021-08-29 12:08:39 RODERICK

I am young, but already sick, will never work, never can never live independently, never have a partner to spend my remaining life in a home, bin autistic, have chronic pain, and suffering from chronic fatigue. And massive psychic problems, so I will always have to live in facilities.

I do not really hobbies, and only gaming is not so great now. And then the loneliness and insulation.

What should I live, if I have to go through the decades? What for?


Find you with it.

Is this way.

Make the best of it!


Write a blog over games where you give other tips, Easter Eggs releases, games detailed rating etc. There are real gaming fans who will thank you.


No matter under Which circumstances, every person can make something out of his life - how small that may be for others.

And each person can find his sense of life.

So please do not give up , even if it is hard!


The question already existed. Do you have a new profile? Your question is very familiar to me.

Whining does not help if you are not agile yourself. There is always aboutS Posites, you only have to find it.


You very much like in self-milling. Listen to rum to howl and take your life in your own hands.

You do not have to list your problems in the answers, I do not want to know that.

Why should I live?