Was she ever bullied by a teacher?

2021-08-29 16:02:04 MILTON

Did you ever be bullied by a teacher? If so, why?

Yes, I'm sacrifice. Choose 52%

No, I'm not a victim. Choose 41%

Other statement / opinion, .. Choose 7%


in the vocational school at the specialist teacher.

But in the final exam, where another teacher U President of the Medical Association were present, she embarked with her stupid arrogance.

She had to annoy himself afterwards that I had finished the only one of 76, with very good.


  • In the 9th grade My Spanish teacher was a racist
  • My English teacher in the vocational school was a racist


depends on what you want to interpret as bullying. Some press directly into the sacrificial role, if they only attract the smallest negative attention (stupid say if you were too late e.g.).

A novel appearance within our society is that everything is directly bullying, sexism or other harassment of any form.

There will then be a debate from a mathematical equations with X and Y directly, whether the name of the variables is still up to date: women have no Y chromosone, so could therefore feel disadvantaged and exclaimed!


Because I have always been unsportsmanlike and my then sports teacher was a lousy Wi..ser, he was dragging me around his pleasure, tormented and made of all other.

But I was not the only one.

He had even had a student in the eggs. His father (very big and overweight) is then in the SchuLe storms and has packed the sports teachers on the collar before the current sports lessons and so scared him that the teacher blushed over the gym floor.

I would have liked that my father had done something for me.


Of course you have ever pressed a saying. But the sayings have everyone who has dazed next to it. So that one was bullied specifically from the teacher I have never experienced so far.

Was she ever bullied by a teacher?