CV will not be accepted (no answer from company)?

2021-08-29 16:04:14 MARTY

Should I prefer to take out the circles?

and also write assistance instead of assistant?


Oh, the photo is so bad that I could not really read what's there but the lavelessness to me suggested.

And as I saw that, There is no linear CV. He looks totally empty on me.

Therefore, the cover letter is so important. Where you say why you are now motivated there is something to change.

Therefore, dynamics must come coupled with own criticism so insight. Because someone has to give you a chance and will only do if he feels, but she / he really wants.

Himself I'm open and also made good experiences when I take myself with applications had to deal.

I prefer the applications because I know pretty much any transcription of gaps in itE, well formulated and yet clear, you are not resilient.

Then stated the applications in the eyes where someone wrote. I smelled from there until there simply around in a rebellious phase. Only today I see it differently. The good is, I do not have to catch up because that's enough for me.

I want to change that now and hope you give me a chance despite my still very lean resume.

You have to Consider, since 100 almost identical applications flutter in a tender. One sorts the times on three stacks. So you can glow right ... well, you could deepen yourself and then sting two, three out.

Most of course do you consist of good testimonials and qualifications but then there are also those that are the one by the EIGENE formulation, because they are totally come, disarmed honestly, paired with the dynamics of the woolen.

You can not learn that and then I like to give someone a chance.

of Therefore, there is more on the companion letter when the CV looks quite empty or gaps.


Why do you sort your educational path from behind to the front?

Based on the times, not extra "2-year training" must be written, which will be released from your time

and what the "assistance" or "assistant" is concerned, it comes to work as such on.

CV will not be accepted (no answer from company)?