What can you in Islam?

2021-08-29 22:01:49 KARLA

Except God worship is almost everything else Haram or? If so, why did allah create us at all, when the only reason is to worship Allah, and not yet? Why does Allah need worshipers at all? In the Koran is even, Allah has only created people to worship him, otherwise nothing.

But why does an almighty God need worshipers? And if you only worship God, is not that a very Öt life? Or is God constantly worshiped beautifully for true believers, and they do not need anything else?


It seems that actually "true believers" knows nothing more beautiful than Allah!

... Of course, something is absolutely nonsensical, reasonable and in original words UN-human!

... and of course it is absurd to assume that God needed our prayers!

Muslims are getting on them with beautiful regularity "No: God does not need our prayers? We need him so that he lets us a) forges b) into paradise! "

Thus, praying nothing further than selfishness is pure!

I just find this whole thought building just stale!


Not God needs the worship but man needs A to approach God, and B who hits God, wants to worship him (Bin Christian)


Not the "gods" have created man, but people have been looking for "gods" to indicate inexplicable.

But over time, these were superfluous because there are better methods to explain the world.


God does not exist anyway


God is an invention of man. If you want to pray, you can also worship a chair or a sweeping bag, everything is allowed.

What can you in Islam?