May vaccinated test?

2021-08-29 22:08:53 TONYA

In my school, only unvaccinated students have to be tested and since the 30.8 vaccinated students are not allowed to do a coronate test, because according to the headmaster that is a waste of money, as vaccinated clearly relocated corona and when this corona gets the virus load too low for These tests is. The tests so show that you are negative though you actually have Corona.

Can one be tested (no idea what it takes) than vaccinated still in the test center?


also vaccinated may be positive and still do not have to be tested. From this are the statistics numbers worthless.

Many vaccinated are positive and do not know it.


So I was here with us in different test centers. There is not asked if you are vaccinated.


This is then a very helpful measure to be able to prove hypenschiefs too statistically: not tested = infection not determined, so vaccinated Not infect.

That shows that even donoring very good chances have on an upscale post.

, however, is that vaccinated with Corona can also infect, and that they are in cases where no testand the symptoms are too weak to be noted, exactly these are, which significantly enhances a retransmission.


Yes. You do not have to say that one has to be vaccinated. Why should you be tested as a vaccinated? One is as a vaccinated yes anyway higher than tested persons. Where 2G is only part of it as a vaccinated or gourmet, 3G can still get into it.

In Hamburg, the general coronained cidence is 23.3 times higher than the coronained cognition of the vaccinated.

As a vaccinated to make a coronate test is just as much as a man to make a pregnancy test!

Theoretically possible that one is positive, practically but very unlikely.

May vaccinated test?