What about LGBTQIA?

2021-08-29 22:09:35 KATHRYN

Hello dear ones!

I know this question has been asked thousand times but yes I want to do it again Haha

What is your LGBTQIA?

Positive, because ... (support it) choose 68%

negative, because ... (homophobic) choose 21%

neutral (to what extent?) Choose 12%


Positive because I find one should treat each person equal and should be accepted. It does not matter if someone is bi, lesbian or so, just say human is human. Although I do not belong to it, but it is different.


I'm part of it.

Within the LGBTQ community there is still a lot of exclusion and homophobia that the Call of the community just does not come to the good. The community has achieved many progress and needs the support of all those responsible for respect, tolerance and acceptance. There is still a lot of homophobia out there, you should protect and support the community .man Do not have to keep LGBTQ for properly, but you can at least accept and tolerate people.There are countless possibilities as you can support the community.man does not have to be part of the community.


Everyone should do what he wants. The community itself is legitimate. Every person wants to belong to a group that represents the same interests and views. At LGBTQ + everyone can feel belonging to everyone. Ultimately, it's about making contacts and exchange ideas. And they are not extremists or fight against other people.


Bin PanSexual itself, so I support the acceptance of LGBTQ + of course. But I am very negative to this exaggerated get in, especially on social media platforms.


Unfortunately we still for our remust fight and accept acceptance. This community is simply important for that. (I myself are also gay and asexual)

What about LGBTQIA?