Why are the Palestinians not just doing?

2021-08-29 23:04:01 OMAR

Israel has one of the strongest and state-of-the-art armies worldwide and is well equipped and that have several times defeated several Arab nations in wars. The Israelis also have America as a best friend of one of the strongest nations worldwide. In addition, Israel is very rich and the GDP per capita is almost as high as in Germany.The Palestinians, on the other hand, have a few scrap trays and a weak army and also suffering from poverty and a destroyed economy what is not exactly advantageous for war if you do not even be the Can feed the population. These only have the Iran on the side but that will hardly suffice to defeat Israel.

The Arab nations also start slowly to close peace with Israel so they already fall away,

What does the Palestinians stop abandoning? If they continue to fight and defend themselves, it only ensures that even more Palestinians are killed ... If they simply give themselves and submit to Israel, fewer people would die.

So what is the reason to go Fight to fight?


So sometime you have to see that the war is over. Sure you can fight to the end and to extract it and fight. But that only ensures that many more Palestinians will suffer and die.


"also suffer from poverty and a destroyed economy"

and whose guilt is That?

You do not just turn up when the country is taken away. The whole procedure of Israel even consent in the world is simply frightening. (But if you can not say that, as it is instantly anti-Semitic)

apart from what would the alternative? Give up ... and then? Israel annexes all remaining areas and can start the Palestineto further advongend and to assign certain areas where they may live in whom they may live.

The suffering of the Palestinians do not just stop because the war is over at once.


They could have been able to have from the beginning, as well as their own state, - but they did not want, because the extinction of Israel and the Jews has a significantly higher priority than their own prosperity or the future of their own children. Whether what man does, is reasonable or can not be judged only against the background of his priorities. And if the highest or only priority is the death of the Jews, it can be rational to educate their own children in the kindergarten to augual suicide of suicide.


Many also asked why the Taliban does not just give up.

After 20 years, the NATO states have not achieved anything.


Diseased fanaticism is not curable.


Because it is your home.

And if he is the home shits go, you do not listen.

It has also just happened enough that outstanding resistance, so he was persistent enough, has still led to the destination sometime.

Why are the Palestinians not just doing?