Trueness is always the same?

2021-08-30 00:01:16 PAMELA

Can people be that people in a long-standing relationship or marriage more and more of the appearance are more and more similar, or is not that the case.? And if so, why.?


I also found that in long-term married couples that they are more and more resembling themselves.

may be, through similarities, similar views and the life they shared . Mimics and Gestik are automatically accepted by the partner at some point.


Proven masses yes

This is even so if a person lives a dog fellow and long alone with him both are very similar.


Well, you live in the same place, often experiences things together, talks about much, asks the other for advice, maybe the same place one - of course these people are more than completely strange and most common relationships after the motto is the same and equal joinslike.


Oh !!!! Should it actually give users with meaningful questions?! I thought these species would be threatened at least by gradual extinction ....

With regard to your really interesting (!!) question, of course, I can hardly judge ourselves (my wife and me) ...

Although we both are extremely different (hobbies, temperaments (!!) UAM), we have sought us the considered by you - both of our adult children and friends with whom we talked about this phenomenon.

I do not have an explanation - and the previous answers are to be vague to me.

In any case, thanks for a finally a highly interesting question, which at least for me worth thinkingis !!

(PK, 34 years married)


from behavior in some ways in any case. Although something always depends on the person

Trueness is always the same?