How much kg do I take off when I only eat 1000kcal a day, 30 days?

2021-08-30 10:01:41 HUBERT


Hello Astao!

This is a hunger diet and sustainably leads to more weight. Is also just unhealthy in your age.

The fat burning is an operation ever running in the body. The extent always depends on the degree of physical activity and thus from energy requirements. But: Your body usually takes back in exceptional situations on protein reserves. This will be the case with a diet or starvation.

That's the reason why the muscles shrink in addition to the fat pads. This is largely made of protein. If you eat normally follows Jo-Jo.

The solution is sport and patience, much success


This depends on your daily consumption. A kilo of fat haT 7000 calories. Let's just say you need 2000 calories a day - usually and then saves every day 1000, then you take 1 kilo in a 7-day week. So be 4 kilos in 30 days and a bit.

In the beginning you lose mainly water, which is why it can be more

Your calorie requirement is based on the basic turnover that you need to exist and the power sales - your movements together , On the basis of size and weight

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Much egg white, for example, in the form of legumes, does not help the muscles to waste while losing weight.


Of course, on your weight and your energy turnover ... and probably still tens other sizes


So much that your metabolism goes on austerity flame and you will thereafter thicker than before

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After just one month, you almost do not even take off, I appreciate Not more than 4kg

How much kg do I take off when I only eat 1000kcal a day, 30 days?