Why are we all fooling?

2021-08-30 11:00:43 BRENDA

We are working on working, our revenue must pay taxes, social security, expenditure taxes.

Half of our time we work for others

We will be all very long time to noon or afternoon in Forced to our childhood and youth to school, we learn any unnecessary formulas that we never need more and forgotten anyway. To have a testimony and good notes but have nothing statements.

We are punished for cannabis, we all figures for the prohibition policy.

Why determine others about our lives.


We would have to cottage all boycotts and strike. So that something is enforced.


A like-minded one!

You can not often find in good notice

I agree completely. We will be highly conditioned from the ground up to slaves, only to be as profitable as possible for the elites. Also, we will also educate consumers at the same time who always have to buy everything senseless to swim with the mass. In addition, power pressure and still seats before any strangers already as a very small child.

The money we earn us is from us u nvar to 75% out of the cross, if you invoice all taxes and duties.


Germany is that with distance wirtschathe most strongest country of the EU. The most rights are good in Germany.

We are on, working, our revenue must tax, tax deductions, expenditure taxes.
Half of our time we work for others

Taxes are funds that are too good everyone. Thus, e.g. around 30% of the budget uses every year as a cross-subsidy for pension payments. Universities, schools, kindergartens, infrastructure. Everything has to be paid.

Without them we would live in a completely different, underdeveloped country.

To have a testimony and good notes but they do not say anything.

NOTES are of course irrelevant. It's about learning the ability to understand connections and to be able to deny the complex life,Socialization and general education.

Of course there is an outdated school system, tax waste, regulations that it is worth to discuss.

But you seem to question everything and forget at the same time that your prosperity is thanks to this system.

You seem to want to close from your personal situation to all others in this country. The allerms are only absolutely not in your opinion.

You live in a democracy and in 4 weeks have the choice to influence and introduce your political opinion.


Because many people are too stupid or too selfish and so now Once a society works. The whole is called order :)

The poor benefitthose of those who have something.

The stupid benefits that also wise people may decide.

The old ones benefit from the fact that the young people work for them, for whom they once worked.

Whether you believe it or not for you has already worked a lot and that's still happening. It's about making your contribution to society so we all progress and no selfish ... are.

There are also countries where it is different. Look how much better it is running, there is always the strong and unscrupulous just and the others have unlucky, do you want that?

That's how if it does not fit, then you can push a rebellion or all refuse to see what happens. : D


Imagine a world without taxes and without rules ...

You certainly do not want something like that.

Everyone would do What he wants and had nothing to fear except from others who do whatever they want.

Social Affliction does not exist anymore.

Education does not exist anymore.

Rescue service and so on and immediately everything is gone.

Street and infrastructure go in front of the dogs and we live in the Middle Ages again.

Actually fabric for NEN Hollywood Blockbuster.

Through taxes and social security contributions, you also financially afford your own benefit in this company. The one more the other less but we are doing quite well.

And by laws or institutions they ensure that they are obviousIt will be able to trust myself without fear.


You are free to emigrate and live as self-catering.

Spoiler: This is much more exhausting, significantly less "convenient", associated with significantly more undressing and means significantly less free time than this.

I have the impression that you would like the roasted pigeons. Can this be?

Why are we all fooling?