Parents are horrible?

2021-08-30 11:03:51 STACEY

Hello, I'm 12 and it's about my parents (mother, stepfather), family (have 3 half siblings 6.3 and 0) and treat my parents ... (that will come as a 2nd question) now is that Problem They stairs and seggences all the time (every day at least 3 x) no matter if in the morning, morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or at night and I can not sleep through the moan and can not be that fit. From open condom packaging to anal gel, lubricant or sextoys like the calendar of ice. DE is all there. This botheres me because this violates my intimacy sphere. I have already written about Whatsapp, my mother was shouting through the house I should sleep, but does not work. Then they groaned extra louder and made louder role-playing games (do not know if the extra ist) But it annoys. Please help me if it's all I would go to a foster family (do you understand at the 2nd question still occurring) but by no means go to the home. Do you have tips? Thanks in advance.


Yes of course you are 12 .. but yes, but they are not because they make life less painful ... headphones in when it bothers you. My mother has always been ashamed when I heard it

Parents are horrible?