Do you sometimes hardly have life hopping?

2021-08-30 12:00:56 WALLACE

I feel so bad.

And I hurt me so much.

And I can not find out of this hole anymore.

I have only pain In my heart.

And no I really do not want any attention only I see no life more.

This hole was opened by this world of hell.

I do not want anymore suffering.

Is some of you similar?


Yes, I knew

It actually helps to hold on and try to make something positive in all the negative or see

For me everything has one Reason, but that this reason can fulfill, one is tested and since everything has something positive (as well reversed), I just clung to this "faith" and now it is so, all that I have experienced and what happened to me wherever I am today and now it's really good, it's as if my past would have led me in this presence, because my past would not have been so today, I would not be there today where I am and with the persons who accompany me on my way


EarlyHer, yes a bit. I help me a little bit.

Do you sometimes hardly have life hopping?