What should I do with my hair (cruel hair structure)?

2021-08-30 12:03:02 ADA

Hey, I have a little problem with my hair. I have a rough and cruel curling structure. I have smoothed her until now 2-3 times a week and now break off. In between, I also made a keratin smoothing and the 400 € who went there were to go out to the window: / What should I do? Because if I do not smoothly see them so out⬇️


On picture Two that looks pretty good, others would be glad about such curls. Hair cure, perhaps 5 cm cut shorter, not thread after washing but let it dry and perhaps when they are dried, up or lichen to lure it more. With smooth only everything is broken, as you have noticed yourself. I think so down hanging properly smooth hair either, is a stupid trend.


Make more flush on the hair and rinse well with lukewarm water, maybe even another brush use who is a bit more finer. With a wrong brush you can also break the hair.


Aloe Vera Gel in Hair. The hair is dry.And let just be smooth. And first do not apply chemical / artificial with it.


Unfortunately, the hair is really badly stressed, cut off, cut off the latest part, and then the rest of the hair is probably the best.


looks good, such a little kraus, otherwise cut

What should I do with my hair (cruel hair structure)?