Find girlfriend - how does it work?

2021-08-30 12:09:21 TOBY

Good evening,

I am fundamentally two key questions:

(1) How do two people come into a relationship? How does that go? How is that communicated?

(2) How can you find a friend yourself? And where?

Background of my question is that I have never been in a relationship [m / 21]. There are currently a few additional problems, and the fact that I am currently unable to situations among humans and unfortunately seems to be rather away from the company. I've been lonely for over 2 years, generally no friends and currently no way to meet people again, so it meant to get to know new people.

Often I have already been with statements like this. With a commuterAR :

  • "That will come sometime sometime." Jaja, sometime ...
  • "That comes from itself" NIX comes from itself. For example, to be successful in school, you have to be something contribute to this.
  • "If you are actively looking for a friend, you will never find one" So if you are too cramped, I could not understand it, but this is not here. Further, it often says: That's where you least expect it .. .].]

I realize that you should tackle it, but if you do not know anyone and you know from Nobody is known, then under no circumstances is a change of the situation possible.

So my question: What can I do? Is there concrete tips?

Requests desired if something should be unclear. Have my problem described very very compact.


By exercising a hobbies or accession in a club, or member in a parish or charitable as THW, red cross or the like, many people learn, which are then alike. These people again know people, have friends, daughters of sisters, cousins ​​and so and on joint events you meet and get to know women.

If you do not actively go out to real life, but says everything online or can handle apps, then nothing will do.

Make a cooking class, a painting course, learn a language, visits a dance course, a self-defense course, go into a gym, etc. There is so much.

Go on concerts and meet loose like-minded people, you have hereE common base with the music.


I have actually met some men (several short relationship two long) on ​​the internet. It was never the goal to fall in love with it, rather the motto everything can not have anything. With my current partner, the plan was actually a friendship +, but there were very fast feelings that went beyond. At some point you talk about it and aggregates almost to be exclusive and to be a few. So it is mostly a process rather than really a certain point that decides that.

Meet people in general, I am generally hard to know, here in place I know other than my partner and his family, so I will now become a member of a member an association (theater) to make contacts und may be friends.


can get to know a girl on the internet through a game eg. or titter. Write and spends a lot of friends, make her sweet compliments and already heard you.


Wait for the perfect for you to run over the way

Find girlfriend - how does it work?