How should I train / feed me?

2021-08-30 12:10:00 WENDY

I am 16 years old in a week, I'm 1.78m tall and weighing 63kg. I go to Gym tomorrow and have the goal of getting muscle mass. However, I do not want to create fat. How do I take care of muscle mass, what do I have to eat and when and how often should I train? (Do I need Supplements?)

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You can not build a muscle mass without putting a bit of fat, unless you stuffed.


  • Calorie surplus
  • 2G protein per kilogram body weight
  • 3 times a week GK plan only on machines
  • Sufficient sleep.

Supplements are not necessary.

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Muscle mass increase but no fat does not work. What you have to do for muscle building (roughly said that topic is very extensive)

Calorie requirement. Add 300-500 calories to this then, so you are in a calorie plus. Without calorie plus no muscle build-up

-protein diet, ca 2g per kg of body weight. Do not forget healthy fats and carbohydrates

-Ganza Body Plan 3 times a week at the beginning

- Obtain the regeneration, say enough food, 7-8h sleep, little stress, as little drugs / alcohol

- continuous Staying, muscle building takes, calculation in muscle building always in months to years, days or weeks you can forget

otherwise just look on YouTube, there are probably 8 billion videos

How should I train / feed me?