Is there a study examining whether children of a homosexual marriage are disadva

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In Switzerland, there has been a referendum regarding the "marriage for all" and the other side now uses the argument that children need parents of both sexes.

Are there studies that examined that? Is that purely scientifically seen, rather true or wrong?

Please no unnecessary commentary of political nature: D


Science says: The children are psychologically healthy and homosexual parents are equally suitable as heterosexual parents.

Scientific Research Consistently Shows That Gay and Lesbian Parents Are AS Fit and Capable AS Heterosexual Parents, And Their Children Are AS AS Psychologically Healthy and Well-Adjusted AS Those Reared by Heterosexual Parents


Major Associations of Mental Health Professionals in the US, Canada, and Australia HAVE NOT Identified Credible Empirical Research That Suggests OtherWise / Lgbt_parenting

on pubmed:

The consensus in the social science literature is clear: in the United States, Children Living With Two SameSex Parents Fare, AS Well As Children Residing with Two Different Sex Parents. Numerous CREDIBLE AND METHODOLOGICALLY SOUND Social Science Studies, Including Many Drawing On Nationally Representative Data, Form The Base of This Consensus.


Comparing The Impact of Homosexual and Heterosexual Parents on Children: Meta-Analysis of Existing Research

Mike Allen PHD & Nancy Burrell PhD

Pages 19-35 | Published Online: 26 Oct 2008


Courts DeterMine Custody and Visitation on the Base of the 'Best Interests of the Child.' 'Current Judicial Rulings in Some Jurisdications Reflect a Bias Against Awarding Custody OrGranting Visitation Rights to Homosexual Parents, Favoring the Heterosexual Parent OR Heterosexual Relative of the Child (REN). Should The Sexual Orientation of the Parent Play A Part in The Determination of Custody Or Visitation in Order to Protect the Child? This Meta Analysis Summarizes The Available Quantitative Literature Comparing The Impact of Heterosexual and Homosexual Parents, Using a Variety of Measures, On The Child (Ren). The Analysis Examine Parenting Practices, The Emotional Well-Being of the Child, and The Sexual Orientation of the Child. The Results Demonstrate No Differences on Any Measures Between The Heterosexual and Homosexual Parents Regarding Parenting Styles, Emotional Adjustment, and Sexual Orientation of the Child (REN). In Other Words, The Data Fail to SupportThe Continuation of A Bias Against Homosexual Parents by Any Court.

But you have to say that there is still too few data about it.


Without Studies - which are probably correspondingly suggestive and also successively promotes a specific result - can be derived itself by observation.

There are many single parents. Also fathers, not only mothers. Also, there was always said that the children in the field of social competence will have corresponding deficits. For same-sex parents, it's the same "concern".

However, it can not be confirmed in comparison with children from heterogeneous relationships. Children with only one parent, with same-sex parents or from HETerogenic relationships may be impaired accordingly to develop above-appropriate competences.

The gender itself does not provide information about the nature and the educational methods. There are also influences from the environment, peergroups, media, social media etc .. So it is not possible to create a general concept, about the gender of the parents. It is always the entire system to look at.

Therefore, I would ask any study that prove to prove, same-sex parents would provide for emotional deficits with their child, question.


Yes, there are such studies to Example from Holland - all show: No impairment as far as the EQ is more on the contrary - problem is, however, on GrunD of the topic are the number of participants small.

Concrete study I would now have to search for myself again. I just know that I have already read something from Holland, but is what's.

I simply link a few things to fly without them now more than too much: .pdf

https: // link / ReferenceWorkenetry / 10.1007% 2F978-3-658-19416-1_29-1

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I deliberately let it out, which is either a church study (of course clear pole. Track interests and often for laity Recognizable Casting Talking and Methodually Mostly Absolutely NOT Working), as well as all items found on clearly queer pages.


Whether there are studies I do not know. But what exist but are masses of single parents where the ex-partners died or for another reason is not in the life of the children. So there is only one parent of a sex in cases.

And the children are not tailored delised deliquates.

Why should it be problematicBe if you have 2 parents who have the same gender?

Is there a study examining whether children of a homosexual marriage are disadvantaged by the lack of a father / mother?