What do you think of Muslims?

2021-08-30 17:01:56 ROSEMARIE

I'm Muslim and would like to see how to see Muslims


There are those that I appreciate which I do not clearly come along, which I do not care about, that runs through all religions and nationalities.

I do not all talk about a comb, with me it depends on the person. One may not like the other.


depends on how conservative faith is lived and whether the appropriate person is the faith for himself or if you are doing well.

Everyone that I always say - and thus I also have a claim to be confronted with the religious problems of others.


I see Muslims first Line as people - most people are rather good than bad and seeI rather positive as a negative!

... that they have the wrong religion, but most of them can not do anything;)


No good experiences, so For a long time to leave me alone, everything is fine.


In "my" city, I have made good experiences with Muslims.

In my former work, I was allowed to assist people in need. The Muslims were on average more grateful, as Christians, Hindus or Atheists.

The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people.

It is a pity that it creates charismatic Muslim spiritual and other leaders to transform peaceful Muslims outside Europe to violent masses. Although I am aware of that thereS are media pictures. You then transmit such scenes to the majority of Muslims, which is wrong.

It is also regrettable that too many Muslims in Europe, which were recorded as refugees, threaten, pursue Jews here, and tweak. This because of the Palestine conflict. These Jews can not do anything for the behavior of the Israeli government. Except for many Jews to use in Israel for Palestinians (free trips to hospitals, plants of oelive trees, observers, doctors and sisters for disabled Palestinian children ...)

Christians who are persecuted worldwide , it will be mainly due to Muslims.

https://www.opendoors.de/christense/weltverebungindex/world-tracking index-car

iN numerous biographies have read that the relationship between Muslims and Christians in the Middle East has been good until 11 September 2001 in many places.

Christian tourists, especially outside groups, report that the hospitality of Muslims is mostly exemplary.

What do you think of Muslims?