How do I learn programming?

2021-08-30 17:03:54 GLADYS

Hello, I know this question is put in 100 times a day here, but I definitely want to program / codes learn and wonder how I do it best?
I came across Codeacademy and have to say I am very convinced of the site. Still there is an alternative to code academy or find what better than that is not.?



What do you want to program? O_O

There are different "languages", which all have their existence. The one language is great for ABC, the other is great for Xy ... depending on what you are standing!

Meanwhile you can also program refrigerators and coffee rails, but I think you do not want it. Do you want to program frabikmashails or what Mac / Windows, for the web? Maybe games? For the PlayStation or for the smartphone? O_O

So: a standard response and a standard language does not exist. Specializing in one or the learn all! And there are also different sources, help and books I can not list here!


I came across Codeacademy and must say I am very convinced of the site.

Well then Learn.

There is still an alternative to Code Academy

There are hundreds of alternatives. Which fits better for you, we do not know.

You will not learn from a single source well - who seriously does that will end up with many media. Textbooks, magazines, online ecures, simple self-study of documentation (!), Occasionally a video for a special topic ...


I know this question is set in 100 x the day here

Yes that will be you. Your question does not really differ from the others, just read the many answers from you.

What I always put in here: depends on what you want to program. BACKEND, FRONTEND, GAMES, ETC ... best you focus on a language that you like, make a course (just for example on Codecademy, but also gives many others) and taste the trained things yourself. Most you really learn through the sole. You have to google a lot, so you should master that.

How do I learn programming?