What are your favorite quotes and why?

2021-08-30 22:02:34 PAULINE



~ For fear the wrong to do, do many not yet and that's exactly what is wrong.

That's my favorite Quote because unfortunately meets it very often.


"Fight the Spiny"! Has my grandmother always said. She has lifted half a leftover potato and used for anything. Every time I eat I eat a mini rest, I have a guilty conscience and think of them. It fits so well in our disposable company and everyone should think like my grandma who had experienced the war and knew what is hungry.


"The Mind Is Like A Parachute, IT doesn't work if it isn't open." - Frank Zappa

"Flectter Si Nequeo Superos, Acheronta Movebo"- Vergil

"I Loved You, Sun I Drew Thesis Of Men Into My Hands And Wrote My Will Across The Sky And Stars." - T.e. Lawrence

"I find only Freedom in the Realms of Eccentricity." - David Bowie

Everything quotes of personalities I respect very respect and whose work fascinates me.


"Life has so many different chapters, a bad chapter does not mean that the book is finished" ~ Ronaldo

It has me in a very heavy Time showed that life is always on and you can never give up


There are many many.

Unfortunately, I can not find anyone who choose as a favorite would.

What are your favorite quotes and why?