With how many men, the average woman has already had sex at 25 years?

2021-08-30 23:02:39 GENEVIEVE

What is the approximate number when you run from an average attractive woman, ie a 5/10.

Thanks for the (possibly) helpful answers

> 1000 Choose 39%

1-2 CHOOSE 18%

> 12 CHOOSE 7%

No choose 5%

> 100 Choose 4%


I think that's very different. Comfortably depends on how much sexual pleasure is present. I also know many above-average pretty women, (where the class thing is) who do not like to have sex and did not have many sex partners yet.

I myself are not ugly now, but with my 30 years only 2 sexpartner and I'm together with the second now for 12 years.


5/10? What kind of bird are you? Such numbers are only condescending, an outrageous degradation. And in addition, not meaningful, because what kind of a 10 is 10 is, for the other, only a 1.

It also has attractive to do not with the sexual partners. An attractive woman cann as well as a unattractive woman have had 100 partners or 0.

The question is more like early and how important their solid relationships are, whether they are ons', group sex, threesome oä, and all that. Is a difference whether one starts with 13, had 5 relationships, gladly attributed to parties JMD and, if necessary, open relationships or if it started with 21 with sex and had only one relationship, Monogam lives and sex only lives and sex only in relationships. With the attractiveness, this has nothing to do.

According to a Study¹ of 2016, most women (37%) have had between 2 and 5 partners so far. 17% had between 6 and 10 partners. But neither the age of women is given, nor their attractiveness (because the latter hardly goes).According to other studies, however, people most often have sex between the 25th and 29th year.

¹ https://en.statista.com/statistics/datens/studie/644279/inpage/innage- To the number-of-previous-sex partner-in-Germany /

in my experience, most of the age of 2 - 3 relationships have. Ons' do not like so many.


Do not mean anything, it depends on whether you want it or not, whether you are looking for clubs, discos and restaurants and ons. My sister is mega pretty, she could have any husband, I give her an 8/10, but she still had only a man with whom she got married. I'm not really happy, rather normal, yet I slept with over 20 women. It is on a self. Since DrOutside many beautiful women are never sex or once to have the experience. Believe me, look has nothing to do with how often you have sex. You have to want it. Strangely, most do not want to follow my assessment. Lies probably on stress and time pressure



Average attractive women usually have no lively sex life, but rather 1-2 relationships. Possibly still a non-relationship-related sexual experience.


under twelve. About it would be relatively much - accepted, she would have begun with 16, she would have had more than a sexual partner every year. That's at most horny women with binding fears, but the "average man" is with HohHe probably had several solid relationships in the meantime, in which they had one partner for months or years.

And then, of course, there are still those who just do not feel sexually active Being, her first time with 21/22 had, etc ... they would then have to be quite pretty close to sleeping with 1000 men (who has tuned for it? certainly not the average women to which it goes to the question).

With how many men, the average woman has already had sex at 25 years?