What do you mean to us after death?

2021-08-31 05:01:05 BRENDA

Hello, the ideas of that happened to people after they have died are really very different in different cultures. Therefore, I would be very interested in what you believe what happened to us after death!


What do you mean to get us after death?

I believe in the basis of approved memories that after my current life, as well as after many, I was able to carry out previously comparable to my current comparable Living in a kind of eternal existence as a (collective) dream wake up, that I will survive more with my current comparable life, including other variations of my current life, among other things because I believe in such belief and a person twice In my current life, I knew before the first of two meetings due to such memories, as well as they, because we recognized each other at the first of the two meetings on the firstLooking again and at the second meeting, just after she told me that at the moment of the first sight at the first meeting she went as well as me, she told me about an experience in an earlier variation of current life in all the details in accordance with my reminder , without me, while you told you had somehow influenced. Only after she was finished by telling about it, I told her until I had experienced this in the dream himself again before my alarm clock had awakened. The reminder was missing only one or two seconds and I could have seen my eternal partner in this reminder. Just because of this memory, she gave me a basket at the first of the two, because this actually as a eggN date had thought after replying my contact advertisement in a newspaper.


I do not believe in a rebirth in the sense of reincarnation. I do not believe that after death in another body has a different life on earth (eg as an animal or in another family). But I believe in the resurrection. I am a Christian, I believe in an eternal life after death. I believe in a reunion in the sky.

If you want to know a lot, which convinces me that there is God and an eternal life after death, then you can e.g. Questions or go to my profile.


If you z. B. allegedly picked up by deceased during a tour of the or order experience, of which you did not knowwhich they died, then that could indicate a further economist as well as always. I had heard when I desire to remember. In a video or elsewhere.


Nothing more ... in the box in the earth, or from the fireplace and then in the urn, optionally in the earth, or in the Lake, or what else is there for possibilities ...


I believe in life after death

The people who are little have sinned, come in heaven and live there in harmony with God.

The people who have much sinned will land in hell and live there as slaves of the devil.

As I said I do it, but I do not care for sure. Nevertheless, I think of my practiceCleaning whether it comes to it or not, we all only know when we are death.

Jesus is with you all ☦❤✝️

What do you mean to us after death?