Too thin, normal, or too thick?

2021-08-31 05:02:06 GLENN

I'm not sure if I'm too thin, normal weight or too fat?
M15, 1.66m and 43kg. Can I tell me who?


You know that you have underweight, and really underweight.

You will also see that in comparison to classmates themselves.

Try the Rowing rudder and feed you healthy and with normal calorie household for a 15 year old in the growth phase and development, otherwise your body can become very ill, through the defects.

Trust parents and family doctor and take on It's in attack.

All the best for you


entered data: Boy, 15 years

Size: 166cm

Weight: 43kg

Corresponding Body Mass Index: 15.60

Your child has underweight.

With the calculated BMI, her child would have loud DEN guidelines of the Association of Adipositas in childhood and adolescence (AGA) underweight and should therefore be examined by the children's and votes. He knows her child best and can best judge his state of health.

BMI table for this age group:

Subweiche from a value less than: 17.05

Lower area of ​​normal weight from a value less than: 18.25

Normal weight in the range of a value of: 19.89

upper range of normal weight from a value greater than: 21.95

Overweight from a value greater than: 24.36


Each mirror is likely to give you "opposite" that you are a "hunger hook" -or new German is a "leek". You already have massive !! Underweight (BMI 16) - and according to your question formulation, you have a completely false body perception and should be classified as anorectic.


much too thin. For 166cm about 63kg are normal.


It should be stormy tomorrow. Please stop somewhere.


Are not removed from underweight!

Too thin, normal, or too thick?