How did you comment on Adhs / Ads?

2021-08-31 07:00:32 BYRON

How do you come to the guess, you could have Adhs or Ads? How do you wait as children and adolescents? What were your symptoms?


I could never sit still except it was unbelievably exciting. I ran, jumped and climbed for my life (still)

Homeworks or lessons (except sports, painting and so stuff) were to puke!

I had blatant spreadings (because my parents suggested me or digest me.

I forgot one or two things for friends.

I have time to time Never thought. I always put back my watch and claimed you have stopped: D

Äääääh, I have soooo a lot of day dreams

I shut everything out and everyone automatically out of what has not interested

And much more ...


Hm, so I'm pretty sure I'm adhs haBe, but have never been diagnosed. I have no problem, on the contrary I see all the advantages in the "disease" and knows you play. As a child / jugend, I was extremely exhausting.


unconcentrated. Only good in things that fascinate me. Quickly irritable. Unsure. First told in adult age.


As a child, I was always unconcentric, hyperactive, demotivated, and wanted a lot of attention.

Now with 15: partly concentrated, not More hyperactive.

Without ADHD, life would be nice.

How did you comment on Adhs / Ads?