Naruto where to start?

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I would like to start with Naruto, but has really many consequences and have looked into the first and looked into the format a bit funny for me (can it be already old). I'm just wondering you can start Naruto with some later episodes? A friend of with said could just start with Shipuden, but would not I miss too much? What do you say where should you start (as anime freshman about 1 year)? If it's important to the whole story, I bite through and start from scratch.

Thank you :)


Oh Duck does not start until Shippuden. You are really missing many info then. Also funny moments xD.

The graphic is awful, but do it at it, at some point I got used to it. The Shippuden graphics is very good.


Hello, so there are many consequences that are unimportant and do not help to the story (Fillerfogen) online there are websites the episodes that you can just jump over :) I hope I could Help


Hey ^^

I prefer to recommend you as a mega anime fan rather to look the whole story ^^

However, you could all filler Follow off.

Follow the short overview of the Naruto Filler:

  • Episode 26
  • Episode 97
  • Episodes 101 to 106
  • Episodes 136 to 219

91 of 220 episodes are Filler episodes. This exists around 41 percent of the total anime from additional stories.

Follow the short overview of the Naruto Shippuden Filler:

  • Episodes 57 to 71
  • Episodes 90 to 112
  • Episodes 144 to 151
  • Episodes 170 to 171
  • Episodes 176 to 196
  • Episodes 223 to 242
  • Episodes 257 to 260
  • Episode 271

These are all only additional stories.
They are partly "funny" I have to say ^^ and you learn some character vieknow better!
But those are unimportant for the "originals" Naruto Story

Show everything More about Naruto Filler Follow on this WEEB page:

https: //en.ign .com / Naruto-Shippuden / 110974 / Feature / Naruto-and-Naruto-Shippuden-All-Filler-follow-in-the-overview

⚠️ABER ATTENTION This WEEB page contains Spoiler Information !!! ⚠️

But if you really want to skip something; D (which I do not recommend ... but is your decision ^^)
I would start from the 20 episode of Naruto start (I would watch the 20 episode and then more and more ...)


⚠️⛔️ Giant spoiler !!! ⛔️⚠️

Team 7 (consists of Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto and Sensei Kakashi) just returns from Zabuza (Zabuza is eggN name of a Ninja) Mission from Kiri (is a shortcut of a village) and when they are back in the village is there the Chunin (Chunin is a Ninja rank) selection test, so the test begins ...

And as Naruto starts so "right"! ^^
The Zabuza mission was such a really nice entry into Naruto for me.
But the mission is designed mega cool and also what they have experienced as a team was so great !!! XD
It's definitely worth watching !!!

Spoiler end !!!

Shame me something for the spoiler ..! XD
I hope you did not skip the beginning of Naruto! (Filler can skip calm ...) XD

Oh yes and have fun looking at Naruto!

and other cool animes:

1.My Hero Academia (It's about heroes and rogues ... is also great funny!)

2.Demon Slayer (It's about Demonjäger and the deletion Demon ... Kuck easy You have not fallen the anime yet ..!)

3.attack on Titan (it's about Titane the country ... felt 90% of the characters die ... Hey is a good anime ^^)

4.Death Note (It's about psycho-playing detective work and more ... Super Cool!

5.Your Name (is animated film and no series but super well done ... very emotional ...)

6.The ones Whitin (it's about a few 16 year old children who have to emerge in a game and get 100 million viewers ... super exciting!)

7.Association Classroom (It's funny And just great ... End is sad ...)

And there are still so many animes that I can recommend ...

(eg HunterXhunter, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Toradora ...)
But that was not the question ... ^^

I hope I could help you!




In any case, see everything ... and Enjoy it ... If there is an end, the Depri Phase is then Lets Gooo XD


First you look naruto on Netflix and then Naruto Shippuden will give elevator to Netflix

Naruto where to start?