What should I do now?

2021-08-31 12:03:53 JACKIE

Hey :)
I've lost almost all my friends in recent months, but most of the most of the different reasons, because I have withdrawn because of my depression. In my class, I only have my best friends, but now in quarantine (14 days). I have a social anxiety that makes it impossible for me just to go to others and to address them. Besides, it would be unthinkable to go to the schoolyard alone (breaks), since I'm in a crowd there and just do not endure, say panic attacks or stiff. I'm thinking just to include me on the schoolclo, but somehow no solution is. My girlfriend was still the most of the time at school today, but even the time where she is not DA was, even if there was no break, was unbelievably hard, which makes me really bad today, I'm talking about it tomorrow afternoon with my therapist over it. Have these so much afraid of the school why I now ask myself to go to school again normally to school. Maybe I should think about a clinic stay, but does not really know.

I know that it is really not a good thing, but I'm going to be superior to putting me sick tomorrow, so put fingers in the neck, because I do not believe that I can go to school: / At least not my girlfriend is not there.

Please only respects answers, even if you can not understand VLL.


Do not make you sick (finger in neck etc.) If you just do not fall so hard, you just do not leave you and tomorrow to therapist


If I read the text so, you really have a disturbance apparently

I do not know how old you are

But you have to learn in life with you alone to come alone

Remember you're enough

And you do not need

Clear friends are important

But you're alone enough and there will always be situations in life while You will be alone

This is normal

It's a long process but with help you manage it

and to the friends I can tell you a pair really rather than one Whole horde full

What should I do now?