How much is a psychologist for 16 year old Ca?

2021-08-31 13:01:09 TYLER


If you are legally insured or insured by the family.

If you are privately insured it comes to the insurance on some you have to pay or pay for your family Some is not included at all and then everything needs to be paid.

How high the invoice will be at the scope of services. Package can be said 96 € / h. In healing practitioners and psychotherapists who only work on self-paying base and their patients can freely choose the prices well over 200 € / h


Are you legally insured? Then your health insurance company pays psychotherapy if there is a medically relevant reason.


Take over the health insurance company. If your family doctor writes a bank transfer, Belap is best


In Germany, medical care is covered by the health insurance. If you (about your parents) are insured by law, it costs nothing.


Nothing, you live in Germany. There is no doctor what, except sparkling practitioners.

How much is a psychologist for 16 year old Ca?