Does Islam permit a vaccine?

2021-08-31 14:03:46 JO


In Islam, a medical care and thus also a vaccine is permissible.

Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani says (also in terms of COVID-19):

According to Sharia, the use of an approved vaccine is prescribed if the likelihood of causing coronavirus infection with its potentially life-threatening and / or serious, non-treatable complications, the possible serious side effects of a vaccine by far outweighed.

In other words, it must be weighed if the vaccine makes sense. No vaccination is recommended. However, these represent a minority. For the broad mass, a vaccine from the Islamic view is therefore recommended.


Does Islam allow vaccination?

Of course. The Koran is much older than the first vaccine. How to prohibit a vaccine?

The Sacred Prophet of Islam used the following metaphor of a camel in connection with healing: if man wants the camel to run away, it is not enough to pray for it God to trust. Rather, he must first tie the animal somewhere. Only then does it make sense to set his confidence in God.

Applied to the vaccine means that it is not enough to ask God to protect me from the virus, but I have to do the most important thing So that I am protected.



is an invention in principle useful for body andSpirit and serves them to the general probability of humanity, it applies from Islamic point of view as a welcome and even as a great pleasure.

Does Islam permit a vaccine?