Blood from the penis during masturbation?

2021-08-31 15:02:04 ELSIE

Hello I am 14 years old. Today I mastubed but suddenly 1 2 drops of blood came from the penis. I'm really scared. I do not know if this is a real problem or normal. At the same time, sperm and blood came out. It does not hurt but now the penis does not argue anymore (10 minutes after the action) I ask for many useful answers. Thank you


Brief Update: I urinated and everything was normal It has neither hurt, nor was blood out. He has already excited.

Thank you for the answers


That which does not go up anymore, is that you are afraid of now. A doctor's visit would urgently need to make sure if everything fits you. Tuh that too. This is not to be spaed.


You shed him ... just let it rest and then looked at a few days


I would do an ARTZ appointment in your place.



Blood from the penis during masturbation?