Issues outdoors?

2021-08-31 15:02:34 KAY

My friend wants to shackle me outdoors. Preferably in the forest at a remote location to a tree or similar.

I am quite done by this idea, yet it makes me nervous.

I do not know how it should expire. Should the game begin on the way in the car (hand / footcuff, no underwear etc.) or only in the middle of the forest; with additional toys or without; Time etc.

Someone has already gained such experiences?

What did you pay attention to or would you pay attention for another time?

Do you have more tips?


It's good if you are nervous or a little scared, because then the experience for you both will only be better. Only your lust should of course be bigger than your fear.


Basic Framework (Time, Scope Game ...) Should be delayed by consensus. And you have to stop it then, otherwise this would be a sustainable fault ... a few smaller surprising changes or additions can still be there anyway. The relationship of trust should be unclear. Much fun ...


Have you generally made bondage games?

Issues outdoors?