Trick to clarify all women?

2021-08-31 21:01:31 JANA

How do you find the trick:

I go with an expensive car and park in front of a supermarket, buy a bag with stuff on and on the way to the car (if I see a pretty girl in my vicinity) 'I throw the bag on the floor as if it had been tangled, so she comes and help me and I show her gratitude. Then I invite you to an ice cream for the nice gesture.

Does that sound good?


can work well You can also work on its self-confidence

With a lot of self-confidence and charisma, the women come from themselves - and when traveling with the bike.


Skin if then rarely and probably only in the short term (for the ice-date).

  • With a borrowed car hardly someone can impress. Because it's just borrowed.
  • In the supermarket "buy something to be able to trigger it outside" ... then no glass may be there, and nix where lid on it can be the departure. And no drinks.
  • After the third time, the content gets dents. So fall on that that probably fell on the ground.

Oh and, if asked in the ice-date: "Is that your car" .... what do you say then?

And what if it comes to the next date and you suddenly have to drive another car? What do you say if you are asking?


No, rather poor, sad and childish, that you want to convince with a car poses and a woman with it.

A smart woman would have laid out you that a man wants to clarify a woman in this way.


I fell in the supermarket at the cashier a box of blueberries, which now all drafted by the area. Everything were humorous fellow human beings and the joint collecting made us all pleasure.

As a trick that certainly did not work.

A man who deserves in the six-digit area and has such childish ideas still has something else that the women stays away.

When a flower flowers the insects from alone ....


Why should she help you? Normally, you can hardly be a old frail person's help.

Most likely, most women would simply ignore something like that.

Trick to clarify all women?