End of Corona Measures: Denmark as a role model?

2021-08-31 22:01:48 CHRISTOPHER

Denmark will end all corona measures on September 11th. A role model for Germany?

No, that is too dangerous. Choose 58%

Yes, that's a good idea. CHOOSE 43%


Maybe you should first be patient before the euphoric outbreak and wait for the consequences.

Germany is always advised to learn from others.


was not now Corona measures ending because it will be very probably the same is the very many people parties etc stalls and so the infections go up again. However, it is slowly annoying but I think it's right that it does not take away we stop because 1. There are far too many idiots 2. not very many vaccinated


Complete vaccinations:

Denmark: 71.8%

Germany: 60.4%

Nevertheless there too early, also there are further entry restrictions.


Denmark has a vaccination rate of over 80% of all over 12 years. If Germany has reached this one can also unpolding all measures.

https://www.tagesschau.de/newsticker/liveblog-coronavirus-donnerstag-245.html#doenemark-80-procent The-humans-fully-vaccinated


Denmark has at least one vaccination rate of over 70%, I still consider it premature.

End of Corona Measures: Denmark as a role model?