How do you find my new beat (possibility of improvement possibly)?

2021-08-31 23:08:29 MARLON

Make all about a year and try to improve :)


I always think it's great when people produce music, so on!

Verb. Proposal 1:

Begin the Beat earlier, the Musical introduction is too long - route the song is not artificial. Also too strict. I know that of people without a musical background, above all, that they try to stay in a strict 2x 4 bars 4/4 clock pattern and then always attach a new element to the beat after 4 clocks. But it also works drum, sometimes syncopes, offbeat, leaving the 4-stroke pattern all deliberately to make and give all the unexpected turns. Otherwise you run very quickly that it will be boring for the listener though! It sounds good! At 0:50 you have succeeded exactly, because here you leave the dryingg suspending, just to use it to be used again offbeat, which was unexpectedly after the fade. So that's good, quiet often be experimental!

Verb. Proposal 2:

More elements, latter bass. The drums and guitar that is all good, even these metallic sounds and I know a beat is simple, must not be too myself - but a bit of a bass or a chord, a bit more color, maybe a choir or anything, could do that still miss the certain extra. It depends on the purpose - if much is ripped, it fits ev. So, but even then it could go in break a little pure with higher sounds, which may rinse a bit in the air. In general, the track is good, but the certain spicy is missing something.


The high ring tones fit I think

How do you find my new beat (possibility of improvement possibly)?