Why are the children's series getting stunned?

2021-09-01 01:00:59 LOUISE

When I was still small, it has played a lot more series where you could learn something too. In addition, the actors or figures on television did not talk to such a so though they were completely stupid. There I find you have already expected a little more intelligence from the children. Now it's the way you would like to make the children as stupid with intention. When I was still small, for example, Bee Maja or Tom and Jerry was still a real plot and not just randomly together scenes. I mean when you get Tom and Jerry, so far that was much more detailed and has pulled longer so that it was interesting. Tom Jerry looks easy today and begins to hunt him just because he saw him. Then he runs somewhere and thatIt was already. Even the tricks of Jerry were even more sophisticated.

And I'm my Nils Holgerson, Heidi, Alvin and the Chipmunks, even Spongebob all just turned scrap. These are all so simple actions, conflicts are much too fast and everything happens generally much too fast so that the moral of the story is already clear from the front. With 4-5 years, I have considerably more demanding things compared to what is going on today.

The broadcast with the elephant there were still stuff in which you have trained the memory, what has learned about animals, you have guessed songs, learned healthy recipes and a small cartoon was also there. From fingertips, there is already a new version the insertEnglish is boring and stupid. In the past one has learned how to make a whole football stadium with figures made of pipe cleaners etc and even play with it or colorful cakes, edible chains sushi from sweets etc. at blue makes smart you have learned so much I do not know what the series Made ....

Icarly, Victorious, Hannah Montana, Zoey 101, the wizards of Waverlyplace Da was much more creativity than today, such as the Thundermans, Kid Danger, Game Shakers. At least, at least, the children were not so warped and still had personality.

Spongebob was used to be much more creative today Spongebob and Patrick be presented as if they had no spark in themselves in themselves and would be funnythat moves. Today there are series such as Sanjay and Craig, the bread pilots and what I do not know everything where no one is really somehow a spark of intelligence. The jumping and jumping only around and screaming some garbage in front of him, behave as if they were completely cropping ... Cosmo and Wanda is also suddenly so and above all what is for a stupid idea that Timmy suddenly has to share his elves with some Girl. In the series it has already begun with Sparky slowly to blown that is just sad ...


Understand what you mean, but I'm a bit helpless! : - (

I always say: "The world was still alright!" ^^ + GG

We used to really have great children's series or TV programs for children and we actually have Another learned, because it was greatly explained to us!

Today, children have to look at any Japanese, according to shelling animes, because in the "children's program" nothing else is more running! * WTF?!

A depressive bread finds all crap and his hobby is "raffle wallpapers". "While admitting: target group are certainly not children! ^^ + GG

We may be" old "and our" generation " It does not understand. But the learning content of such broadcasts solof course questioned and discussed publicly.

Of course, we also looked senseless cartoons without education order - that was just entertainment, but also alright ... but not only!

But "educational television" in this sense - except for a few exceptions - is no longer available. For example: "WWW - Willy Wills Knowledge" I find, for example, great!


I understand what you mean. I have different theories why that is today ....

That it is always "more modest" you can not only see the cartoon series, but also on the music. When was the last time music, which also transported any message except sex, drugs and violence?

Nowadays I have toMmer faster new content. The mass wants to be served. Musicians The weeks in 1st place in the charts were or for months, the charts have not been there for a long time. Why are hardly new films turned with a new topic. Why is so many bordering films from the same genre. For many, the second or third part flops.

Previously all these stuff served for entertainment and learning, or to disseminate a message. Today everything serves only to make as much coal as possible in as few time. And you have to be faster than the second or third provider. That's all a matter of coal.

What have I hung as a child in front of the flickerist? Rarely rarely today. Not only because of advertising too because of the whole mAinstream stuff. And not only the children are streamed with today's programs. I just say Big Brother, Bauer looking for a woman and similar formats from Asi TV.

It only counts the coal. And the deeper the level the more rolls the ruble.


I share your opinion. Today's children's broadcasts look like that as if someone had said "so, dear people, we cut out what exciting, funny, scary, exciting, exciting or morally not black and white is ... moment, not black and white, Let us make all the figures lovely and permanently, so that nobody can complain that we overwhelm children. "


The actors or figures on television have not talked to such a thingAs if you were completely stupid.

I could now start with my usual conspiracy theory of Kram, but you know anyway what I want. People should be kept stupid.


I think that's because of Corona.

The children will be because they have nothing to do in front of the TV and watch this scrap for hours.

Why are the children's series getting stunned?