By meditation in the avatar state?

2021-09-01 02:01:07 ED

I tried through various meditation techniques trying to release all my chakras freely. But I do not come to the avatar state. What am I doing wrong?


There should be 108 chakras. Also above your head and under your feet. Maybe there is a few that you have not solved. Otherwise, it may take a few years until you have activated all chakras. Otherwise, I heard it gives chakras, which are only trained in a certain age. The idea of ​​becoming an avatar but is definitely great



Unfortunately, I do not know exactly what this avatar status is and Obs Chakren now really gives Or if that's just a metaphor, I do not know either.

Generally, I can tell you, even for topics such as meditation, the more you try to get the attempt or intellectually, the less that works. No expectation and easy SchAuen, either it happens or it does not happen.