What does men look at men?

2021-09-01 02:03:58 HENRY

Me would be interested in what's attractive to men at men, whether appearance / character / behavior.
Sure, every man is different - but so on average I mean.

This question I ask myself because I know many beautiful women where men do not show interest. On the other hand, I also know women who look rather 0815, but they have many worshipers.


is probably the usual

is a woman too attractive, then most men do not dare to address them, because they think "Oh, nothing brings, which is awarded anyway"

And others have a problem with a (attractive) partner, as they are also seen by many others and is also patterned


could now one Write giant text. To summarize me:

Naturalness (no colored hair, tattoos, piercings - acts on me assistant)

Humor (selfless and be unselfish Do not take everything so seriously), Open-mindedness (positively set), Smile (makes every person sympathetic), modest (not materialistic), Loyalty (Loyalty and honesty).


Too nice is quite deterrent. Many do not trust ran, avoid the permanent competition ...


laugh. Not be too arrogant

What does men look at men?