Where would you classify yourself politically?

2021-09-01 06:01:36 WILLIAM

Which of the mentioned political directions corresponds to your political orientation most?

Social Liberal / Left Choose 52%

Conservative / Center Choose 24%

Right Choose 12%

Wirtschaftliberal Choose 3%

Socialist / Communist Choose 3%

LinksExtrem / antifascist Choose 3%

Right-wing extreme National Socialist Choose 3%


I find that definitely overtakes to classify. On the one hand, there are so many different points to which you have different views and thus turn left right. On the other hand, the circumstances between the right and left often change. Right / Conservative is actually just consistent and links / modern means change


But also Christian Democratic, Christian Social, Liberal and Economic Liberal


I would say that I'm Liberal.



Since I do not see myself left or right, not conservative and choose the FDP, that's probably The only option that applies to me.


In no case is ICH left, communism and socialism is the absolute horror for me!

Where would you classify yourself politically?