Why does my friend always pull out when I'm sad?

2021-09-01 08:05:31 MONICA

If I'm sad or someone what told me and then go to my friend, he always cuddles me is normal. But sometimes he pulls his top so that he is upper body freely and takes me into his arm or pulls his pants, or pushes me against his step. I do not mind sweetly. But why does he do this, it never comes to the GV, just cuddling. Does he want to distract? Why? I sometimes do not understand the men world? He does not want a GV that I realize.

He wants GV CHOOSE 47%

What else and what choose 35%

He wants to distract me Choose 18%


We are 28 years, so no teenies


reassure touches and make it happy. My wife even says "calming skin" if she had a stressful day ...

If he really pulls it would be rather distraction.


Me Think, it's just a way to make the cuddling / touch more intensively ... I had a girlfriend (without relationship), which also meant that her cuddling brings much more closeness and security as sex ...


both as well. He definitely wants to distract you. He wants you to feel safe and a bit of fun have to have a distraction with him. Because we are looking for sex super against stress.


I think he wants sex but does not want to ask you in the situation, but just hopes you in it: D


could be both to be possible. Just ask him?

Why does my friend always pull out when I'm sad?