What is better?

2021-09-01 08:06:11 HATTIE

Seeking, what tastes more?

Italian cuisine Choose 52%

German cuisine Choose 23%

Both Choose 13%

Turkish Kitchen Choose 13%


Everything would have to be, not both.


If I have to decide for a permanent, then Italy. Almost everything tastes me.

I think the right Turkish cuisine is less known here than the Italian, because there are almost only Dönerbuden and a few more equipped Turkish restaurants. Honestly, a Turk is not always in Turkey only kebab, lentil soup, Lahmacun or meat from the grill with fries or rice.

I would like to go to Turkey in a restaurant that is not designed for tourists is. Just to see what else you get it, what it does not get here.

An Adana Kebabteller with grilled vegetables and sharp sauce, aYran is still really fine: -)

What is better?