How do you find your own character?

2021-09-01 08:09:45 VICTORIA

Very good Choose 44%

Neutral Choose 25%

Other response [...] CHOOSE 19%

Shit choose 11%


Find me very well, I am a mixture of everything. My friends say I'm 90% baby (toddler) but not so annoying but cute and cool. And I still have such a strong character, and if someone says something about my friends or so or so am more so the protector. USW


Do not know, I suspect better than the average. At least that's what many tell me and what I'm watching I think that too.


But that's probably many of themselves, after all, do many do somehow act properly?


It can not be good, or bad. "Good" and "bad" alone are already words that nothing further describes as an individual view of the sameIn things. Of course, I would probably say that my character is good, otherwise I would change him.


10 out of 10 points I give myself! : -)

Important is that you have a character at all! And at my I worked for decades (!) Long!

Am currently very satisfied! : -)


Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

I would also just come up with bad character characteristics from me.

How do you find your own character?