Too little money or is that okay?

2021-09-01 11:01:09 RAYMOND

Hey people

I am a trafficked retailer and apply for a fixed job

I got 120 hours a month for 30 hours (otherwise no other good conditions)

€ 1350 gross offered, the sum is justified or is it too little

come from Hamburg


The average beginner content for a full-time site is between 1500 and 2200 euros. So you are in the area where you notice the reduced number of hours.


What should you say there?

Theoretically, you can go to the job center and from time to time Here and there are small change.

Here you get away better and have no stress.

Under 3000 € gross I would not go 30 hours / week.

Do not stop Whole people who think that's normal.

These people who are going to work in the low-wage, almost for an apple and an egg, are mainly blamed at the overall situation.

The mass The people are impoverished idiots who like something like that.

Pust cake.


Well, a skilled worker's wage is not. But there are pages of Verdi and DGB where you can inform yourself.


We say so, Lidl advertises at € 12.50 minimum hours of pay ...


A little bit. You can not really live that.

Too little money or is that okay?