Should we sell our car?

2021-09-01 12:03:22 VERNA

We decided to sell our car. It is an old Ford Ka our whole pride! Unfortunately, he does not get a TÜV anymore, and we do not have the financial resources for the expensive repair! So we have to sell our Willi. The dealer offered us 100 € for him. That's 200mark! So a lot of money. Where do you get a small use of car with TÜV for 100 €?


Well, if you get 100 euros for your KA you know about what you can buy for just this 100 euros for a vehicle ... this 100 euros do not bring you very far. You can ask the dealer of your KA ask if he has any favorable vehicle with TÜV, or maybe a merchant colleague knows that has a vehicle in the corner. If that's the case, you can immediately ask him if you can take the purchase price possibly. For example, if you leave him as a deposit (in writing) the ZB.2.


There are costs for the deregistration of the old vehicle - and costs for the approval of a new cubic car and thus at least 60 euros from the 100 Euro of the enabled drivingμgs way .... as far as you can re-advance the marks of the previous car.

otherwise .... for 100 euros, you hardly get better than what you leave the scrap heater.

And still something - the vehicle tax station would want to have the full car tax for a year in advance for a period of vehicles.

rises to the public transport - that should be the most sensible solution.



100 euros are the usual price for a "scrapbook", which is then slaughtered or disposed of or for twice abroad - and the dealer still deserves the dealer Not even money with.

I would be more informed of your place if someone is able to save the Ford inexpensivelyAnd still to bring about the TÜV - mostly this is even possible, albeit not for 100 euros. However, the spare parts for the old WA are favorable and the main problem of the vehicles is mostly the rustfrass - maybe welding the someone cheap over the TÜV, so that he gets at least the plaque again.

Most cars that the TÜV "no longer wants," are still repairable, if you do not bring them into the expensive contract workshop or the franchisee large chains (1a car service, etc.), but lets them privately privately - As far as my experience. Also the 1998 Audi A4 of my brother we have brought again with 266,000 kilometers and little effort over the TÜV, which has some own use 450 euros including DHe tasted TÜV fee and the auditor had 1100 euros want to have for the identical work.


Sometimes a diagnosis for the car sounds worse than it is.

Maybe you may want to write what your car is missing?

Or maybe the TÜV report photograph?

EVTL. Here is one or the other another tip for a cost-effective repair.


Old Ford Ka, who does not get a badge more? Since you can not repair anything, they are usually completely through.

100 € is approximately scrap value. But for 100 € you can not expect even when buying. I tell, as the lowest border for a ready to drive car with rest TÜV about 500 €, with happiness a little less. Optically unD In the state, however, you should not be picky ... Example: = 1 & SCOPEID = C & SFMR = FALSE & SEARCHID = FE7F3E64-9E37-7F62-AD7B-165E50EC7B5A

Should we sell our car?