Is it bad to be alone on the 18th birthday?

2021-09-01 13:01:23 THERESA

I have as good as no friends in real life and will always complain my grandma that I'm alone on the birthday and my father says I should look for friends. I am in the course system in the 12th and have set myself next to people, but these want to do nothing to me outside of the lessons and in some compartments I also sit alone, because everyone is sitting next to his friends (only I do not . My family only makes me allegations. But do you think that's bad and what can I tell you (my father and my grandparents) then?

No is not bad. Choose 55%

Yes. Choose 27%

Neutral Choose 18%


I find it rather bad that your family makes you so allegations and put you under pressure. You'd better like to spend your birthday with you instead of pushing yourself to find friends. Some people are more loners and do not find friends so fast. At some point you will definitely meet the one or the other person with whom you are looking forward to you, if that is not yet, that's not bad


If that is OK is that in Order.


If you're happy then ok, but actually people are social beings and should have "friends"

Is it bad to be alone on the 18th birthday?