Can a student "different" in sports lessons be evaluated?

2021-09-01 13:02:31 DOREEN

Hey, let's take a teacher in sports lessons with the class endurance run and expects every 30 minutes by jogging. But now there are persons who are superache or generally ill, for example, and the rights can not do justice. What about the grading or the law?



If you do not create the requirements, why always, there is a bad note. If you can not do it, due to illness, injury etc you need an apology or attest, depends on the class and the teacher

Unfortunately, that's the way - many can not do anything overweight , are unsportsmen or can not race quickly


Layout? If someone is sick, he should have a certificate. If someone is overweight, then he will probably have a bad note in sports.


So with me it was so that sport, art etc. was very fairly graduated by our own effort ... There was a lot of football played and many were with me in the class AUCh in the club and I can not start with football nix looks old ... that was considered it was to go for the good grade more therefore to run free to run and try tactically smart to play, etc.

In art, for example, for example, I can not do anything, that's why I often painted pictures, the quite time consuming are through many different colors, general creativity and so on

That has worked very well


Do not believe that, for everyone, the same evaluation criteria apply ...

Without apology / attest you will be able to do little

and yes, grading in sports is unfair, there I agree with you;)


Well if you do not do that in sports ...

That's WIE If I'm in a test Ne 6 and then me upgrades but I did not learn eig for it.

If you have a sport deficit, you should practice vll for sports a bit.

Who sick is a certificate and pure obesity .. Well there you are then to blame somewhere yourself.

Can a student