What do you think of people who do not want to vaccinate against Corona?

2021-09-01 13:08:36 ALLEN


The same as people who vaccinate. You have made your decision with the information you had, due to the fears you had etc. pp. If everyone wants to do it, how he considers it right.

Could people generally not vaccinate people who are the highest Have risk, speaking old and sick people, then the responsibility would of course be a big point others. So it is what it is, a personal, free decision.


Basically, I say that everyone is his decision. But if the incidence figures, in my city, is reported to vaccinated and uncovered and you can see in uncovered it is over 100 and in vacancies under 10, you can already have a neck of warand designate that as unsolidary and stupid.

But I prefer to practice in Galgenhumor: Unvacaked will be able to claim more places in the intensive care unit and get. That's what I call difference! : D


of each adult or everyone from 15./16. Life may and must decide that legally for itself. Personally, I personally show me with people who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 yet, since I am a great "friend" of our Basic Law and every vaccine is now legally an intervention in the fundamentally protected physical integrity and therefore has to be and has to be every person himself decide if he allows this procedure or not - it's his body and medicineI would accept unreasonable decisions. Therefore, I am also limited for civic tests to be charged from October. Although I am not in principle, but one should only wear the costs of the material and the staff, unfortunately a "price explosion", in the end costs a quick test maybe 100 € and thus very many people are excluded from participation in public life While the operators of the test stations will be rich with it.



Since we have no vaccination, it is their good right to say no. Anyone who does not want to understand that and since e.g. argues with social responsibility, unfortunately I must then point out that the freedom of expression and freedomIn the context of our laws to respect a social responsibility


  • I think they are not well uniformed.
  • Or they have fears or blockages.
  • Or they are caught in an ideology.

Ultimately, it is about the risk widening for individual benefits. At least around the.

but e.g. in nursing staff, that continued to be unresponsive immunoped maneuver wanted it to be far more. Since the people to be cared for an infection could not survive.

But such vaccinations are probably and hopefully not.

I held in the sense of the question for ignorant, man infringing and illuminating .

What do you think of people who do not want to vaccinate against Corona?